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Healing Rain with Sue Detweiler

Dec 20, 2022

Do you need a fresh start in your life? Do you feel stuck and want to focus fully on your destiny? Shayna Rattler, founder of a God Shift Movement will help you gain new motivation.  


About Shayna Rattler

Shayna Rattler, the Founder of A God Shift TM Movement, is an ordained prophet, author and speaker who empowers individuals and organizations around the world to experience a God shift that moves them into a greater destiny, expectancy and possibility. She is passionate about helping others develop a deeper understanding of God and the identity they have in Him. Her wit and humor make God’s word relatable and her direct communication style makes it actionable.  Shayna has helped celebrities, influencers, military officers, political dignitaries, pastors, corporate executives, and seasoned entrepreneurs achieve personal growth and organizational excellence. She and her businesses have received multiple awards, she has published multiple books, and has been featured in over 450 media outlets. She is also the host of A God Shift Podcast and A God Shift TV show