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Healing Rain with Sue Detweiler

Nov 15, 2022

How do you win the battle for your mind and well-being? How do you bring healing and hope in the midst of your struggles? Pastor Mark Chironna candidly and with vulnerability integrates the best of theology with psychology to help you get a breakthrough in your life.  
About Dr. Mark Chironna

Helping people learn how to flourish and become life-long learners has been his life's journey.As an avid student, Dr. Chironna is a Theo-Semiotician, holding a Doctorate of Ministry in Future Studies as well as an MA in Psych. He is also an author, BCC Certified Coach, and is currently seeking a Ph.D. as Post Grad Researcher at the University Of Birmingham, UK.
Most importantly, Dr. Chironna has been in the people helping arena for over forty-seven years guiding others towards growth in Christ and all areas of life.