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Healing Rain with Sue Detweiler

Sep 27, 2023

🎙️✨ "From Death to Life: A Miracle Story" 🌟with Shelby Slaughter.

Prepare to be utterly amazed as we unravel the incredible journey of Shelby Slaughter, Children's Pastor of @UPPERROOM Church in Dallas, Texas. 🙌💒

In a heart-stopping moment, Shelby experienced a cardiac arrest while driving, leading to a...

Sep 4, 2023

Do you ever feel like life just isn't fair? Do you ever wish for a redo?
Listen to this insightful conversation with Pastor Aaron Burke, a visionary leader on a mission to love God, love people, and build the Church. 🙏✨
Since answering the call to ministry at just sixteen, Aaron's journey has taken him to over...